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Thursday, October 16, 2008

without editing, video, so (it easy to create a video part 1) A video!

I, on my video to make it easy to be with words, writing is easy. in the capital required to write only the mind, a pen and paper! (Now the laptop time) and capital and what is needed to make the video. There are two ways to start our production.

1. with the team, the team we make it easier to produce. A camera has video (camcorder), B has a computer with good specifications that I b, c, d participate nimbrung consumption. I can share the role. there must be the leader (director) in the team. 2. create their own video. requires extra energy. during the making for fun, the same thing with writing it, DO IT! then what should be prepared to make the video alone?

1. bale theme, the story is that in the video, then what message we want to in the video.
example: family tour to the zoo, told the family on the tour because of public holidays in the zoo. expressed origin kekebunbinatang sister has since long. then the whole family is preparing goods that must be taken to a picnic. The younger happy when menunggangi elephant. father Bill to relax in the park in the zoo. reach the lunch hour, all members prepare supplies. so that effective family vacation to return home because it deliberately more mengeliling afternoon with all the animal cages there.>> that the message you want to be is a fun tour at the zoo.

2. prepare equipment. camcorder. batre remember ..... I want results when the picture is not good shake. Use a tripod. we must be prepared, whether at the time of the image, create a tripod taking pictures with effective. when not using a tripod, try (mandatory) on the part of you something, do not make a shake. we often underestimate this.

3. THESE ARE IMPORTANT. we should already know what the picture will be taken. in the process of editing (image fusion) some stage.
A. shoot: when the camcorder is on, press the record button and turn off lights. 1 shoot at least 3 seconds, 5 seconds.
B. Scene: a combination of several shots.
C. Squence: a combination of some scene.

and how to edit video without. must take in the image is effective. in writing, we know not to diffuse a word with many (redundant words). a simple enough word. as well as video. cederdasan but necessary, until the picture we do not lack ... we must be careful before taking pictures.

example: Sequence departing kekebun animals. Scene 1. father of the inbred scene 2. Mother closed the door Scene 3. sister into the car scene 4. Agam warm car. shoot. 1 shot Scene 1, the food basket, shot 2 Scene 1, the father of the basket, shot 3 Scene 1 father of the food basket, shot 4 Scene 1, the father of the car, etc. .......

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