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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

documentary film indonesia

the current movie documentary is a trend. Many groups of students rout make documentary films. This impression was supported by the cable television Discovery Channel kind of start to bloom. So the question is how important is the future of documentary film? Before menelisik the future of documentary film, it's good we understand what the first documentary film.

Strength documentary on the origin of the actual (original). One of the things that attract the attention of television viewers of the event is something that can show that in accordance with the original, which is not direkayasa. So it is not excessive if reality Richard H2C (Please, Please worry) or the Playboy cable ratings get big enough on television.

However documentary clearly different impressions of reality. Dokumeter is a movie that contains the impressions of the report (display) eksploratif. Documentary can be very actual, because unearthed from something new. But the documentary can not didramatisir wishes. Documentary film can be anything. Whether the stories of living, cultural communities in the interior, or what there is in life.

Fred Wibowo could be among the few prominent documentary film that prominent. Fred Wibowo early career began in 1985 as kameramen, to eventually become a director. 1991 awarded the Special Award from the mood today Prix in Berlin through the film, entitled Learning from Borobudur. 1992 to reach three awards from the arena of international festivals. In addition, various other awards also have to obtain one through the movie Farmers Laboratory obtain the Special Award from the USA.

Circumstances in Indonesia

Now the situation in Indonesia due to the sluggish economic crisis have prompted the documentary film to work. The sineas young and then we try to make a documentary film with low production costs. Of course, difficult to show a movie with low production costs. The Indonesian people are greedy with television, prefer to sell the dream of spectacle that such patron-patron at a local television station.

This is a challenge for the documentary, although the produce may have been packed interactive, why documentaries still can not get a place for?

During this documentary is more a non-profit oriented. Documentary films produced sineas young we are not directed many shows for local television stations, but directed to the international arena. I was, however, since three years, the Metro TV is rolling out the Eagle Award, an award for the film documentary of the music sineas and our young.

We have heard through the festival, international festival, is expected to develop experience and insight of the film documentary. If you later get hour documentary showing the main (prime time) in local television, the creator of this local spectacle can also serve the varied, instructive, as well as entertaining and attractive spectators.

Shows the enthusiasm of spectators on the Discovery Channel is the indicator for documentary films in the future. A time will be up in the media in which expression is not only realized in the form of a feature film that receive pertelevisian place in the world, but the documentary also get a place in the hearts of audiences. If not impossible open later television programs, which provide space for the documentary film, certainly with the quality of the professionals kept.

Research in Documentary Film

Discussions with taking the theme of "Research in Documentary Film" be by problems that often befall the film in conjunction with the need to conduct research in the process of making documentary films. In public perception, documentary films are often considered as a "serious film" that should provide more data and information to the penontonnya. This makes the research is considered as part of the film production itself.

And how to package the data so that the field is feasible are presented in a documentary? In the day-to-day practices, floods often cause visual text-genre of our after-born 70-an-difficulty to distinguish between fact and fiction. Understanding of the documentary itself as a movie of real or fiction in presenting data to be appointed very relevant in this discussion.

Research for the documentary, a documentary for research

Documentary is the discovery of new people to overcome anxiety over the loss of visual experience. Because the event passed quickly, so people often make aikon or imitative of memories, such as photo lovers in the wallet, tables, etc..

In reality, there is always a gap between the visual camera made with real conditions. Now look into the complex, because there is a sound, color, etc. so that does not match the reality. We see the reality with a piece-meal, can not be comprehensive.
Thus, the visual image is needed. Images and movies can help, but can also disrupt. Display can exceed our needs. Cameras show what we can not catch. Biological eyes see only what I want to see. But the visual image that we then consider a document due to be treated as an archive and stored as data-melampui needs of people who make movies.

So then the question that appears is: Are documentaries to meet the needs of an objective research?

Can be categorized as objective as a mechanical, digital and some chemic. Eye biological take any object that indeed we need. This event is then converted into an object of research. The research itself is not a truly objective. And to research what is this?

If only for the needs Filing system, the research only stop in the cupboard, but this research is the transformation of research. Research film to be part of the transformation itself. From impressions of the movie can merefleksi himself so that he can change himself.

So movies can establish the facts. There is a dialectics between the film with daily life. In the context of large, as people call the mediation process, from the visual image, into mediation to form a reality. To make a movie needed reflektif's research, about patterns of the objects, the issues developed, etc..

Research in Documentary Film is considered important in the creation of documentary films. In Indonesia alone, funding for the research a documentary film is still considered very poor. In the process of production of documentary films, effective research conducted during at least two months. This is related to the experience of Garin Nugroho, while collaborating with NHK of Japan.

In the analysis of the results of research, many people edited out without any kind of documentary that will be generally.

Own research complex. At least there are several things covered in it:

- Management techniques

- Ideas


For the research team, which must be comprehensive, can incorporate a form of organization with the structural organization of non-structural.

This could create ideas that are "inevitable" and unexpectedly. In the research field is also needed people who are really understand the location shooting. A director does not find a researcher close to himself but a researcher who understand the conditions of the location. In other words, both researchers and production team fully dedicate the film to be produced.

Cons creator of the movie is a researcher with the team searching for personal ego. Ambition is the creator fim ambition to fim itself.

Ie to make movies that deal with the lives of street children needed a companion-assistant street children who truly understand their lives. Companion was also different. There is a companion who understands the psychological problems of children, the appearance, etc..

So the initial steps that need to be in the form team of research is understand the true usefulness or the type of film so that the team is the team that made the movie know the usefulness. Often the first step in the establishment of the research team is a creator of this movie so that it egoismenya movie itself is no longer a problem that important.

Research has it own field of work different. To research the subject area and require the various disciplines of social, political, sociology, etc.. For example, create a film about Papua, the creator of movies must know where the conflict areas, what the tribe inhabit these places, how the relationship between the tribe or people, etc..

Meanwhile, for research related to administrative work should know where that is required to support the team work, for example, open the Food And Drug Control schedule of gas, information about the hotel, distance and time, transport, etc.. Team researchers also need to be working with the local crew-crew understand the exact circumstances of the location, for instance, when shooting in Aceh will be better merengkrut drivers who know or are familiar with the GAM to facilitate transportation, etc..

When making movies in areas of conflict, the security team absolutely needed, village officials, the head of the religion. etc.. In areas of conflict also needed the ability berdiplomasi.

Research on human resources and other matters absolutely essential to even things not so there is no question, a question that hamper the making of movies.
Film must know that the human resources involved personally. He also knows and understands the advantages and weaknesses of each team member, when the need to test it directly. It should also be taken on the research of human resources is the nature of each crew so that they can complement each other.

Focus on the development of ideas and movies will be easier if the technical problems surrounding the shooting location has been good.

From the technical aspect of the camera, the research that can better meet the needs while in-the image. The researchers also must consider how the position or the placement of the camera, like film images that would dramatically in the morning. Position the camera already understand the place or a better angle to shoot down the sun, how the composition of both, in terms of sound and so forth in accordance with the results of image desired. Sometimes researchers must also create a map of the region to a level of how rainfall (the possibility of landslides, for instance), and so forth.

Research and Themes

Research is also associated with the movie theme. Research themes related to the control of the film in the discourse concerning the science and discipline needs to mendiskripsikannya visual form. Researchers need to know the reason for a discourse, and can pour into visual form. Assistance, literature and local experts are also important and must be done.

All the points of this research is collected and made point-point detail, from the type of letter, a map of the region, up to the shooting in detail. When the elements are met researcher, director or filmaker will be nice once in making the movie more. Everything can be done quickly, and certainly appropriate.

Research methods to be used berkaiatan with the development of ideas. Often, the film should not depart from the theme of the movie will determine who will be appointed.

Therefore, the classification is done on the subject, for instance, on Borneo. Kalimantan can be categorized into the forest, river or social factors other. Then determine the relation between the classification of the social life, art, etc., which are itemized, for example, the type of boat used, animals in the area, etc., so the themes can be developed from findings such.

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