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Thursday, October 23, 2008

blue or green?

But the screen has green and blue screen ......
What did?

the effect is to make movies. I still do once consent is often with The Hollywood film output. I terkagum2 with the film. which sometimes can be confusing, there is what it is like that why. for example, is to make the scene outside the space, create a tremendous explosion, Jeremy can fly.

I era jahillayah I have been open about the movie. that it is actually a computer game. I know recognize the new high school computer ....

OK there is some video that I can see the basic effect is created. that there must be a blue screen berwana, reason, there is no human skin is blue. whew blue eyes thing I did, so there is a green screen.

Kode YouTube: tW1LEEChLHM

Kode YouTube: yY4I4K4tXdw

Kode YouTube: GZ8GhUc7cx4

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