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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Care existed on Earth Rescue Efforts

Climate change caused by global warming have become major issues in the world. Indonesia is located on the equator, is the first country that will feel the impact of climate change. Even a few years ago, Indonesia started to feel the impact of global warming (global warming) is different from climate change and natural disasters that occur. Climate change has been felt in the community where the dry season to be more long-causing failed crops, water crisis and forest fires

Concern for the real action is realized with the cooperation between the SET Film Workshop, the Ministry of Environment, and DAAITV, through the competition of public service ads that this activity is given a name: global warming DAAI TV VIDEO AWARD. Activities that this is a small step can be a place for sensitivity youth, students, and students following the general concern for the increase in the threat of global warming danger in front of a real eye. Without the active role of awareness to save the earth, climate change will threaten the safety of natural and human.

About Global Warming Video Award:

Competition is a public service ads in the form of video / audio-visual (or non Animation Animation), which is open to the public, students, and students with the theme of Global Warming. Length of the ad is determined 60 seconds or 30 seconds. FIFA compete Ministry of the Environment, with a total of 30 million prize!


1. Duration 60 seconds or 30 seconds

2. Do not use without permission from material owned by third parties

3. Does not contain nutrients and pornography

4. Does not promote specific products

5. Format VCD or DVD - Video PAL (not VCD or DVD-ROM format data).

6. The committee will not be material to restore the DVD / VCD that has been submitted.

7. The committee has the right Siar on the paper nominated for the purpose of socialization of environmental education.

8. Each individual / team can not register more than one ad

9. Jury decisions are absolute and can not be proceeded,

10. Race organizers closed for the employees (Employee KLH, DAAI SET TV and Film Workshop).


1. Animation

2. NON-animated

• Registration begins on August 11 and closed on October 30, 2008 (postmark).

• Each participant who register more than one (1) the name of the person or team, are required to include the name of his team members during the form.

• Forms can be obtained at kesekretariatan (SET Film Workshop) or downloaded at, or via email committee

* Participants can send the form in advance via email / post, and his work until a new time limit has been determined (30 Nov 2008)

• Participants were required to include a category in the race left the paper on the envelope.

• Collection of paper at the latest 30 November 2008 (CAP POS)

• Committee and the Secretariat address the collection of works:


Attn: Anung Sari & Fira Soviana
Jl Sinabung 4B, Kebayoran Baru, Pakubuwono, South Jakarta

Tel 021 - 727 99226 / 021-72799227
HP. 081510594899
Fax. 021 7229638

Email: set.globalwarming @


We Casey Wait!

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