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Thursday, October 23, 2008

10 Film Indonesia most popular struggle

Five Year this can be called the resurrection of Indonesian film. The sineas youth in the country began to show identity through film quality. Sayngnya there is no one who makes movies with the background of the struggle of Indonesia's independence in the snatch. Perhaps because the cost of making movies dibutukan war not less.

Movie theaters struggle to bloom in the ground water in the 1980s. But when the film examine the journey of Indonesia, there have been dozens of movies that his battle. From that, only some of the most frequently played on television. We selected 10 films on the struggle that often played and most popular. The following year, based on the list of release.

In the virgin Sector South (1971)

Film duration of 137 minutes in this sutradarai Nature Surawidjaya the other hand, when the Indonesian war of independence. Overall this movie as a reportase. Laura a focal point of the story this movie. because the offense will be the treatment gerilyawan republic until his mother died. Laura partisan Netherlands and diselundupkan as a detective team to Captain Wira (Kusno Sudjarwadi) in the southern sector, a remote rural area. Laura masquerade as Fatimah and sister pleaded Borrowed members of the Netherlands in captivity. He successfully complained sheep between Wira and Kobar (Lahardo). This conflict culminate with the blockade Kobar atasarkas Wira. Seeing this situation, through the link Laura invited Dutch attack aircraft and relieve muscle experts nervous that the war in Wira tawan. Feeling known Currently, Laura fled and eventually died in the embrace howdah (Dicky Zulkarnaen), members of Borrowed yangt dicintainya.

Yellow young coconut leaf (1979)

Juning in young coconut leaf production in 1979. The movie directed by Nature this howdah Surawidjaja starred, among others, by M. Kaharudin, Deddy Sutomo, Dicky Zulkarnaen, Amak Baldjun and Sutopo HS film is a film about the second attack General March 1 1949 (the previous film Six Hours in Yogyakarta in the production of 1951) . Films can dibilnag this movie with the cost termahal that time, about 375 million a month and was stuck at syuting because of the cost of running out. The cost of this is used to make 300 uniforms and army uniforms to about 8,000 people extra players.

This film received Mendali Gold PARFI, FFI for the 1980 exhibition expectancy Men (Amak Baldjun), Plaket PPFI, FFI in 1980 for producers who cultivate Filma Nation Struggle. FFI for the Advancement 1980 Exhibition Pembatu Men (Amak Baldjun).

Yellow young coconut leaf told U.S. fighter in the struggle to reach the return of independence seized by allied troops and successfully seize the city of Yogyakarta for 6 hours. Young coconut leaf yellow is the symbol that is used as a sign of the partisan struggle at that time.

Attacks Morning (1981)

The film directed Arifin C. Noer is showing some historical facts that occurred in the city of Yogyakarta. Events of the patriotic flag penaikkan Red and White in the Gedung Agung, the Japanese invasion headquarters in New City, invasive airfield Maguwo and seranagn beruntun at dawn to the area around Nenagh, Newbridge. There are also stories Temon (Dani Marsuni), boys who still smaller unadorned appear this is your new war with her grandmother (Suparmi). Room (Amoroso Katamsi) from aristocratic families involved in persistent assist combatant. Meanwhile his wife is always afraid of losing caste as a nobleman, because one of the children formed a love with a young fighter of the proletariat.

Last Train (1981)

A story with the background collapse agreement Linggar Eastbourne. Of course, romantic scenes approach, both to the heroism and the love story in baliknya. Army headquarters in Jakarta decided to train all those in Yogyakarta. Lieutenant Sudadi (Rizawan Gayo), lieutenant Word (Pupung Haris) and the sergeant Tobing (Gito Rollies) assigned to oversee the train station diberangkatkan from Navan, Sudadi oversee the first train. Tobing controls WORDS and the last train. The last train journey full of obstacles to become the core story. The refugees who meet the train and attack aircraft Netherlands enrich groove story. Were also stories stories between the Word and two Retno that twin girls.

Troops Dead ending (1982)

This occurred during the war of independence, between a small town has been seized by the Dutch army after bomb-dropping bombs and attacked the city with a team-incentive by the Dutch troops in the vehicle-vehicle strengthen Panser. Get a lieutenant commander troops in the city ordered his team to back with the population in order to prepare the power to make guerrilla attacks.

Lebak creations (1982)

With the background of Japanese colonialism in the Lebak region near Cirebon. A brave young man named Herman (George Rudy) held in the Japanese army headquarters. Because the defense of the teachers who are considered guilty. But then he was released by Lieutenant Izumi (Usman Effendi) and Nakamura Captain (El Manik). Without far as one komandannya, Japanese soldiers rape Marni (Atmanegara interest), Herman lovers. Gen. Herman makes this angry, and then join the group then attacked the headquarters fighter Japan. Film garapan Imam Tantowi this movie to be superior in FFI 1984 Scenario for Best Female and Best Exhibition Assistant (Chistina Fund).

Samber command Nyawa

Film struggle by 86 minutes in this sutradarai Eddy G. Bakker. The main star in this movie is Barry Prima, Yenny Farida, Advent Bangun; Anton Samiat, Didier Hammel, Harry Capri. Story, Peleton Serna Hashim from the Company Lieutenant Widodo is the team that consists of those intrepid. To replace the children fruit that Sergeant Hashim gugut, then brought in Kopral Abimanyu. Abimanyu an elegant, not a lot of talk and not honored Sergeant Hashim. Hashim think, abimanyu only dainty and unable to combat. However, the reality is another. Abimanyu have calculations and cooked on high alert. This was proved when he successfully rescue teams from the threat of landmines and have andilmembebaskan Marga Sari invasion of the Netherlands.
In the raid on the headquarters of Gunung Kapur Netherlands, Sergeant Hashim conscripting children, including fruit Gardini, kekasihnya. Without them, Abimanyu install dynamite around Gunung Kapur. Gunung Kapur diledakkan and successfully destroyed.

Regae (1987)

95-minute film by the director digarap MT Risyaf in 1987. Regae (Deddy Mizwar), is a pecopet get a chance call himself a General in the army in the independence of Indonesia's North Sumatra.
Initially Nagabonar do this just to get the luxury of living as a general, but in the end he became a soldier that, and led the U.S. in the war with his team, including Kirana (Nurul Arifin), Bujang (Afrizal Anoda), and Mak (Roldyah Matulessy).
Film Nagabonar Cup six positions in the arena of FFI Citra 1987, namely the category for Best Film, Best Actor (Deddy Mizwar), Best player Assistant (Roldiah Matulessy), Original Story and Best Scenario (Asrul Sani), Best Sound Organized (Hadi Hartomo), Organized and Best Music (Franky Raden). In addition, the film also became Indonesia's first film in the selection of foreign language film Academy Award in the arena. In addition made skuelnya (regae, 2), this year, Nagabonar again play in theaters after passing through the process of remastering.

Tjoetnya 'Dhien (1988)

This film recounts the origins of the warrior women in Aceh, Tjoet His' Dhien and how he dokhianati one jendralnya, Pamglima Laot.
His Tjoet 'Dhien in a 1988 distudarai Eros Djarot. Syutingnya takes around 2.5 years with the cost around 1.5 billion rupiah. This film won trophies Citra as best film. In Christine Hakim as Tjoet His' Dhien, Piet Burnama as commander Laot, Rudy Wowor as Snouck Hurgronje and Slamet Raharjo as Teuku Umar.
His Tjoet 'Dhien movie so terlaris in Jakarta in 1988 with 214,458 spectators (data from perfin). This film is also Indonesia's first movie shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 1989. Movie mazer get this Citra FFI for the 1988 Best Film, Best Director, Best Home Exhibition, Best Story, Best Music, Best Photography, and Artistic.

Soerrabaja'45 (1990)

The film is based on the real story in Surabaya when the jockey independence from the colonizers. In this battle many Arek Suroboyo the autumn. Then the famous event with a 10 November.
The film begins ketka Jep [WEEK lost the war and the proclamation of independence of Indonesia in the radio-echo radio. When the British troops who arrived in Surabaya, the people accept, as the British came to remove the Japanese army. The problems appear when the UK does not recognize the independence of Indonesia. Bangkok youths also lift arms against Britain.
Film garapan Imam Tantowi is quite unique, because there are five languages used in the dialogue of the players. Namely; U.S., UK, Japan, Netherlands, and the Java language. The film cost to spend around 1.8 billion rupiah this starred Usman Effendi, Leo Kristi, and Tuty Koesnender Juari Sanjaya. This film also received trophies Citra FFI for the 1991 Best director award and the Board of Judges for FFI for the 1991 film that describes the morale of Indonesia.

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