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Thursday, October 23, 2008

PTC Business

many doubt that this business.
it's easy.
we just click and wait for 10-20 seconds. ad.
we do not pay at all grtasi alias for registration.
per click we were given $ 0.001. aaah slightly. when his rich .....
But the road to instant also there.
we live to buy a referral. what's that? we buy another user. when a user clicks, we also get the dollar. are relatively inexpensive. 300ribu for 100-200 users. character when the user teresebut mengkilk ad revenue also how we?
lazy to buy a referral only click on ads. not like it that way.
even buy a referral is one of the PTC is serious business.
The main stage is to create a bank account to the virtual world or alertpay paypal sperti this transfer of funds to us. TTG JCC BX sandra isabel neo . How to click on ads. after you with a list of the links I provided. you click the menu "SurfAds" or "ViewAds." there will be some ads that can be clicked. when we click. new window will appear. do not directly in close. wait a few seconds. you can see the length of seconds, which continues to decrease.

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