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Thursday, October 16, 2008

understand the video community

What is the meaning of the name Video community, whether the same things as his video documentary or news video.
with the name of the community imply that the video comes from a certain community. represent a set of communities who have similarities in the move.
why video? once again the video is the audio and visual medium. defects in a video media that have great influence in life. we can know the continent that is far from the places we sebemulnya without the need to be there. we know that the Chinese wall and the large long-term. even a child can fall ill because of the injustice by friends kaerna follow in the style of TV wrestling events from abroad.
making all the video that you want to have a message delivered. This is in the process of video media as a learning community. television is not something that luxury again now. in almost all corners of the country we get a house with a television antenna.
communication becomes the key to the video community.
for more breadth video community can be a tool of social change. the video is not to be the main product for the community. the process of making a video and so become the tool for them to make a video community. after the video is so early into the process for the video community. its members can discuss what issues the theme of the video. then these problems can be solved together with other members. This is the difference between video community with the other video. not only members of the community can benefit, but outside the community, the video can be a means of sharing knowledge between communities.

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