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Thursday, October 16, 2008

the strength of the documentary

what the strength of a documentary film? story / groove? cinematrography? artistic? penggarapan / process? editing? TOKOH ... my friend the strength of a film / video documentary is the leader in the movie. even in pre-production process we will be easier to start it when we get the figures.
figures such as what is good in the documentary. This is certainly the strength of the hands of the manufacturer. subyektifitas manufacturer is required. but not trapped in his movies. often trapped in a documentary profile of the figures. penggarapan script at the time we must we must have a "fence" is good to avoid the widespread story. we must be direct (direct) of the leaders on the path toward which we want. during the interview.
respect, the interview is one of the vital process in making the documentary. we should be leaders with a fuse. we think with the way the mind of the leaders. with such, we can feel what the figures tell us. Do not forget to the process of observation.
This process allows for the observation penggarapan script. as well as we want to make the documentary "pedicab which" we want the story becak drivers who have long narik pedicab rickshaw now only just become trash. but we get the figures that made the profession becak drivers only as additional income. in the current creativity creator of the documentary in the running.

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