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Thursday, November 27, 2008

kawanusa awards, denpasar bali



Selection committee has nominated 58 from 66 works of video that was sent by the organizing committee to film festivals video community. Eight works can not follow the selection of the initial stage, as has been far from the boundary passes the date of delivery of the paper. 

The committee accepted the paper came from Banjarnegara, Cilacap, Surakarta, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, Tabanan, Gianyar, Bajarmasin, Jakarta, Pretoria, Cirebon and Kochi. 

Committee nomination eventually choose 15 video entitled to the next stage of assessment, namely, the video community workshops, Judging, video playback and awards night Kawanusa 2008. 

To 15 video (alphabetically) are: 

I can also Smart, M Ismail, Krengket Production, Yay Talents, Solo. Stories about willpower deaf children trying to enter junior high school favorite. 
Division Ready, Disa Saraswati, SMA Affairs 3 Denpasar, Bali. An organization said that the right hand of a duty to maintain discipline students. regulations for members of division, 2 times more stringent than the students who are not members. many who do not like, but many also feel that can. 
The destruction at the Edge, Human Indah P, Cilacap. Mangrove forests in Cilacap be left out for the needs of the economy. Where is the concern of government? 
Should Buy?, Ayr Dauh Village Road Kelating Tabanan Bali. Housewives and teenagers are more rarely make facilities such as canang simple ceremony, they now prefer to buy, with various excuses. 
Black On White, Didik, the Foundation brother, Thiruvananthapuram. Acts that are in a world that is not necessarily (prostitution), and with ketidakberdayaannya 
Haitian Guwono, Novi Ali Nurmansyah, Marden village, Banjarnegara. Ketidakberdayaan child named because Guwono barunroy since the baby. he wants to school. 
Kampung tooth aches, Ayr Pacung Senganan village, Tabanan. Stories about young children in the village who prefer working outside. Now living parents who cultivate the land and plantation agriculture and many more were sold. 
Kejarlah Landscape, Komang Ayu Lestari, SMA Negeri 2 Denpasar. Niar story of a teenage victims of domestic violence are able to rise up full of hope as a friend. 
Hopeful memories, Ayr Piling Mengesta village, Tabanan. Stories about the old rice fields that lack of water, due to damage to the forest. 
Pebble Party, Ayr Pacung, Senganan village, Tabanan, the Story of village roads damaged, but there is not that concerned about the condition of roads and only a stretch of the government only. 
Testimony Awig, Ni Kadek Ria Rahayu, SMAN 1 Stanger Gianyar Bali. Budhi Acts find out, does awig-awig in the village and to protect women against domestic violence. 
Sawahku Malang, Kakaoku Unfortunately, Village ringer, Tabanan, Bali. Stories about big changes in the amount of land in the village of paddy fields to be bogus, brown garden. and the perceived economic changes. 
SMS was ahead, the Village bogus, Tabanan, Bali. Stories about the changes that occur when someone merangsek to the fake village. 
The white is a dangerous, Ni Wayan Ratna Kusuma Dewi, SMAN 1 Stanger Gianyar Bali. Stories about the impact of the use of the tissue against global warming. 
Tumpek Uduh, Dewa Ayu, Widyastiti Sravishta, SMA Affairs 3 Derby. people have a sweet ritual ceremonies to honor the plants, namely tumpek Uduh, but the natural conditions are still damaged

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